MAC work It Out Collection In additional dimension Lash Mascaras in Sweaty Betty, Hold For 10, spin & Twist, Squat It Sugar as well as Well-Toned

five of 16 MAC work It Out Collection In additional dimension Lash Mascaras from the left in Squat It Sugar, Well-Toned, Hold For 10, spin & twist as well as Sweaty Betty ($19.50 each)
Oh, I wished to wear one of these vibrant In additional dimension Lash Mascaras from the new MAC work It Out collection to my HIIT class yesterday, since why not? It would have been fun to see myself doing split lunges while using bright blue lashes. may as well, right?

But, alas, they aren’t waterproof…


Darn! I desire they were, since that would take them to the next level.

Bust out your leotards as well as leg warmers!

For MAC’s new ’80s Jazzercise Collection…

Well, that’s what I want to phone call it. It’s really called MAC work It Out (available at stores, counters as well as on the internet March 2 – April 13).


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

Anyway, it doesn’t seem like the 16 In additional dimension Lash Mascaras ($19.50 each), six Chromagraphic Pencils ($17 each), six Crystal Glaze Glosses ($22 each), four Lipsticks ($17 each), three studio Quiktrik Sticks ($34 each) or the three Prep+Prime Fix+/Sized to Gos were made with actual, ya know, sweating in mind.

Flashdance flashback!
I believe they’re a lot more for looking adorable in your leotard as well as leg warmers while you sip a eco-friendly juice than they are for actual heavy lifting…which is absolutely OK.

Lift those lashes!

Speaking of lifting, I do get a major lash improve from the In extreme dimension Lash Mascaras I’ve tried from the collection. They lift my lashes from the roots as well as keep them lifted, so my eyes look bigger and, attempt I state it, brighter.

And that’s just one layer!
Ironically, this formula straightens out the curl from my lash curler, which results in lashes that are lifted at the roots however straighten out toward the tips…

Something such as this would usually bug me, however I don’t mind in this situation since of the crazy colors as well as exactly how much thicker the formula makes my lashes look.

When the blues make you happy

I’ve been testing five of the 16 colors this week, as well as all of them have been remarkably pigmented.

My faves, though, are the blues… I absolutely online for these blues. When I wear bright teal Sweaty Betty as well as bright electric blue Hold for 10, my lashes glow like technicolor fringe!

Wearing Sweaty Betty on my upper lashes as well as Hold for 10 on my lower lashes

Because my lashes are naturally black, a lot of vibrant mascaras don’t show up well, these blues are absolutely noticeable, which is a unusual thing for me as well as tinted mascaras. a lot of of the time I sit there packing on layer after layer of a tinted mascara to get them to where I can just barely see the color, however Sweaty Betty as well as Hold for ten stick out even after one layer, or two at a maioria.

Go for blue!

You requirement these two in your life, at the extremely least to try them, as well as if blue lashes frighten you, you might tiptoe into the concept by using a black or brown mascara on your upper lashes, as well as then just do a swish of Sweaty Betty or Hold For ten along your lower lash line.

You’d get the color without the craziness.

Of course…if you want to dedicate to the craziness, pack that ish on, GIRL! Do it on your top lashes, your bottoms — just choose it!

Like two different mascaras

The other colors I’ve tried — eco-friendly spin & Twist, great brown Squat It, Sugar as well as plummy Well-Toned — seem to have something like split personalities… If I’m inside your home somewhere, just going about my business, I can’t truly see the colors on my lashes, however out in the sunlight, WOW! The colors are SO much a lot more intense, even the brown! Honestly, I’ve never seen a brown mascara that showed up this well on my black lashes.

O veredicto final.

I gotta try a few a lot more shades, however the ones I have tried get an enthusiastic “yes!” from me, particularly Sweaty Betty as well as Hold for 10. Those two are stunners!

Em outras notícias…

Have you had Cara Cara oranges before? Is it care-uh, care-uh or car-uh, car-uh? I dunno, however I got a significant bag of them from TJ’s on a friend’s suggestion last Sunday as well as completed the whole bag by Wednesday!

They taste kinda like those jelly orange candies. They’re wonderful as well as not extremely acidic, so they don’t have a bite, as well as they don’t make my mouth pucker up like some oranges do.

Honestly, I’m not the greatest fan of oranges in general… I know, that’s blasphemy to a great deal of people, like El Hub. Oranges are his preferred fruit in the world, however I’m all about these!


They nearly taste a bit like orange strawberries, if that were such a thing. Ok, estranho. No entanto, são as melhores laranjas que já tive.

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