Just in Time for the spring Festival, It’s the MAC Chinese new Year Collection

delighted spring festival with the MAC Chinese new Year collection!
Here’s something I learned today: Chinese new Year doesn’t fall on the same date every year. Varia! — because it’s tied to the lunar calendar…but it does always fall between January 21st and February 20th. (Eu penso.)

Interesting, isn’t it? This year’s date is January 28th.


So delighted early Gung Hei Fat Choy!

Here’s something else you may find interesting: the MAC Chinese new Year collection arrives today, and the packaging is gorgeous! (The boxes also feel velvety). minor quibble, but I wish that MAC had done something with the design on the product themselves.

Eight of 10 MAC Chinese new Year products
Ooh! It’s the Year of the Rooster. maybe they could have coupled it with that.


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

Remember Year of the Snake?? They did those extraordinary pans with the snake design?

Eye shadow X 9 / Year of the Rooster swatches from top to bottom: Print, Copperplate, Idol Eyes, Shale, Girlie, Honey Lust, Mulch, Wedge and sweet Lust
Lots of old faves here

Most of the items in the 10-piece collection are re-promotes, like Russian Red Lipstick ($17, a MAC classic!), Fleur Power blush ($23 and SO PIGMENTED), Rapidblack Penultimate eyeliner ($21, and not my fave; the idea feels too stiff).

The Eye shadow palette X 9/Year of the Rooster ($32) has some of my all-time favorites, including Wedge, Honey Lust, Shale and Mulch.

It doesn’t take anything away from how good they are, but if you’re a MAC die-hard fan, there’s a good chance you’ve seen these colors before. You may even have them in your collection already.

MAC Chinese new Year blushes: Fleur Power (top) and Dame (bottom)

MAC Chinese new Year Lipsticks from the top: Peach Blossom, hazardous and Russian Red
Peach blossom Lipstick is bloomin’ brilliant!

My favorite piece in the release is the $17 Peach blossom Cremesheen. I don’t know if it’s L.E. or permanent, but it’s dang cool… Actually, cool-toned. It’s a moisturizing, medium coverage, incredibly silky, cool-toned peachy nude in MAC’s shiny, slippery Cremesheen formula, and — hallelujah! — the peach color is dark enough to see on my lips. If a lot of nude lip colors wash you out, or you just feel like they look odd on your lips, give this one a try.

Wearing the MAC Chinese new Year collection on my eyes (Year of the Rooster Eye shadow X 9), cheeks (Fleur Power Blush) and lips (Peach blossom Lipstick)
The Year of the Rooster palette?

Eh, I wish everything here was exciting me as much as the boxes. There are some great colors here and old standby pieces that I really like, but a lot of of them already live in the permanent line.

Also…yup, the palette shadows don’t appear to do as well as MAC’s regular individual singles. At least I don’t think so. I’m wearing the new Year Wedge, Shale and Mulch in these pics, and I’ve worn those bad kids lots of times over the years, but I really had to pack these on. I even had to wet my brush to ramp up the intensity, which I don’t ever feel like I have to do when I use the regular full-size versions.

MAC hazardous Lipstick
MAC Russian Red Lipstick,; Fleur Powder Blush; and Wedge, Shale and Honeylust Eye Shadows
O veredicto final.


I love the idea of a Chinese new Year collection, and I think the boxes are beautiful, but with the exception of Peach blossom Lipstick (which I LOVE), this release is a bit underwhelming for me. You can get hold of a lot of of these pieces in the permanent line anyway.

Seu viciado amigável de apelação de bairro,