Makeup as well as charm blog Monday Poll, Vol. 341

You may be wondering, “So what in tarnation is this Monday Poll thing anyway!?”

Bem, não é precisamente uma pesquisa. É muito mais de uma lista de preocupações evolutivas continuamente evolutivas (ausente), um pouco aleatória, eu tenho colocado os visitantes todas as segundas da manhã nos últimos sete anos. (It’s like a kickstart for your brain.) I’ve always delighted in reading your answers in the comments, as well as I hope you delight in reading mine.

Have you ever taken candy from a stranger?
Does gum on an airplane count?? since those are the only times I can keep in mind — having somebody on an airplane offer me a stick of gum, as well as I took it partly to be polite, since I figured, if I’m gonna be stuck next to the exact same person for five hours, I want to be great with them, you know? plus — as well as I recognize that this is extremely doomsday of me — if the sh*t ever hits the fan on a plane, you much better believe I want an ally.

So, long story short — yes, I have taken candy from strangers.

Sorry, mom! I understand you told me never to do that…

Does lining your water line freak you out?
Nah, not really…but I believe that’s since I wear contacts, so I’m utilized to having objects all up in my eyeball grill.

If I didn’t wear contacts though…

An metropolitan legend that frightened you as a kid?
Oh, gosh — Bloody Mary frightened the crap out of me!

Remember that one, where if you looked into a mirror in a dark space as well as stated “Bloody Mary” three times, the ghost of a lady was expected to appear next to you in the mirror?

It was all popular at sleep celebrations for some reason…but I was always as well terrified to try it! as well as when one more woman would do it, I’d run away to a different space in the home as well as begin reciting The Lord’s prayer over as well as over, LOL!

Yes, I was that child…

Even besides these years, I still get shivers from this story!

Have you been doing much cooking lately?
Not so much lately since of infant Girl. I didn’t truly feel like it for the very first couple months of pregnancy. I quite much hated all food stuffs except for choose breakfast items…but I’m over it as well as starting to eat much more typically again, which implies that I’m getting back into cooking (also, one can only eat so numerous frozen waffles before they hit their limit).

Thank goodness for El Hub. He did his finest to keep us both fed while I refused to go anywhere near the kitchen.

Something you realized you had to get over?
I realized that I had to get over perfectionism. It’s typically referred to as if it’s a great thing, however it’s typically not. It has gotten in my method so numerous times throughout my life as well as held me back in much more methods than I care to admit.

I’ve realized that it’s typically much better to just go ahead as well as surface things on a schedule, by a deadline, even if the work isn’t picture-perfect in your head.


Sua vez. Basta copiar, bem como colar o cumprimento de preocupações em um comentário com suas respostas. Eu olho em frente para lê-los!

1. have you ever taken candy from a stranger?
2. Does lining your water line freak you out?
3. An metropolitan legend that frightened you as a kid?
4. have you been doing much cooking lately?
5. Something you realized you had to get over?


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Good morning, wonderful girl! hi from the sun-shiny northern California side of the keyboard. I’ve got a warm cup of eco-friendly tea (decaf, of course) right here as well as a tabby supervising me from across the room, so it’s been a excellent morning so far.

I feel amped up, as well as I believe it may have to finish with the eco-friendly smoothie I had a bit while ago. It was my very first one in months (veggies as well as I have been mortal enemies because mid-June). fantastic what a bit liquified eco-friendlies can do…


I hope your Monday is going well.

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