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MAC Unsung Heroes: Satin Taupe Eye shadow

using MAC Satin Taupe Eye shadow on my lids as well as lower lash lines
What’s an unsung makeup hero? For me, it’s an frequently underrated makeup morsel, a long-term collection product that scoots under the radar screen of many makeup enthusiasts however on a regular basis rocks my world. The long-running Unsung Heroes series features a few of my favorites.

I swear, you just can’t go wrong with the classics. I used MAC Satin Taupe Eye shadow the other day for the very first time in months. It’s a shimmery grayish purple in the MAC long-term line, as well as it’s been around since the days of the dinosaurs!

OK, not that long, however it has been around a while. It was one of the extremely very first MAC shadows I ever chosen up, and, as well as it wowed me from the start…


It’s just so dang pretty!

I didn’t do anything elegant with it this week — just the exact same standard-issue Satin Taupe look I’ve been doing for, oh, the past zillion years.

I needed to put on some makeup to record a video, so I lined my eyes with black liner, then took that exact same liner as well as smudged it on my lids as well as lower lash lines. then I buffed out the black liner with a MAC 217 before patting Satin Taupe directly on top as well as blending whatever together. A quick sweep of great matte brown MAC Omega in my crease, as well as that was it. Tudo feito.


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

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Easy, elegant as well as damned quick — which led me to think, “Dude, Karen! Why do you make things more difficult than they requirement to be? You should be doing this all the time!”

It was one of those “Doh!” forehead-to-palm moments when I concern my life choices, LOL!

Anyway, with Satin Taupe, we’re speaking must-have (yes, it’s that serious). You’ve most likely seen it around in restricted edition palettes right here as well as there… right here it is in a couple of recent ones (MAC Brooke Shields Gravitas as well as the MAC Nordstrom Naturals palettes), however you can likewise discover it as a single in the long-term line.

Marvelous MAC Satin Taupe Eye Shadow

Here are a few of the reasons why I like it so much…

It’s ridiculously flattering. No matter exactly how cool, warm, pale or deep your skin tone is, or the color of your eyes, Satin Taupe werks!

The surface is fabulous. It’s totally on point — shiny sufficient to catch the light as well as draw interest to your eyes, however far sufficient away from frosty not to highlight your fine lines.

It blends like buttah. MAC’s eyeshadow structures variety from kitten-tum soft to rock hard, as well as Satin Taupe is one of the softest in the line. as well as that means that edges are simple to blur into other colors.

It’s a grrrrreat eyeshadow for beginners, by the way. even if you have no concept what the heck you’re doing keeping that 217 or 224, Satin Taupe will work with you (instead of against), making it basically foolproof.

If you don’t have this in your MAC collection yet, it needs to be there! discover it at MAC counters, stores as well as on the internet for $16 as an Eye shadow single or $10 as a refill pan.


Seu viciado em beleza comunitário amigável,


The MAC Unsung Heroes series (a subset of my routine Unsung makeup Heroes series) features a few of my all-time preferred products from MAC’s long-term collection

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If you’re looking for long-term collection concepts or inspiration, there are many more — HUNDREDS — unsung makeup heroes in the MBB archives. These 20 right here are just the tip of the makeup-loving iceberg!

Mac Cremheen + Coleta de Pérola Batom Swatches: Parte 2

MAC Cremheen + Coleção de Pérola Cremhean batom
Rise e brilhe, amigo O ‘meu! Hoje para o café da manhã, estamos tendo Mac no torrado de trigo com Nutella.

Temos uma deliciosa parte deux Post Purée de seis $ 16,50 Mac Cremheen + Coleção de Pérola Cremheen batom Swatches Para completar o conjunto de 10 peças começamos no mês passado (para referência, sou um NC42).


Todos eles foram adicionados à linha permanente do Mac, para que eles não vão a lugar nenhum, e eles estão disponíveis agora em Mac Stores, contadores e online.

Destes, Koi Coral é o que eu tenho mais usado. Eu friggin ‘amor em camadas sob glosses rosa e coral (meu combo favorito envolve brilho de decaimento urbano).

Mac Cremheen batom da esquerda em Koi Coral, Estrela Magnolia, Buda Little, Tokyo Turky, Bonito Menino e Sweet Sakura
Mac Cremheel Batom em Koi Coral

Mac Cremheel batom em doce sakura

Mac Cremheen batom em menino bonito


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

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Mac Cremheen batom em Tokyo Turky
Mac Cremheel Batom em Little Buddha
Mac Cremheel Batom in Star Magnolia
Em outras notícias…

Feliz terça-feira para você!

Adivinha quem ficou acordado tarde ontem à noite (e no final, ela implica 10:30, Haha!). Sim, eu re-li um dos meus antigos favoritos, Judy Blume é você Deus? Sou eu margaret.

Obter este: minha cópia é de 1986 (!).

É meio engraçado porque não há referências nele como para sites ou Twitter ou Instagram ou qualquer coisa relacionada à Internet, e há essas pequenas formas no livro com caixas de seleção que você pode marcar e, em seguida, rasgar e enviar e-mail para um p.o. caixa com o seu cheque ou compra de dinheiro (uma ordem de pagamento!) Para comprar os outros livros da série.

Agora essa é a velha escola.


Eu literalmente perdi a contagem de quão várias vezes eu li este livro … Eu acho que pode estar nos milhares. Ainda é tão bom quanto eu lembro também.

Seu viciado amigável de charme de bairro,


Dressing Up denim With the dynamic Duo of a jacket as well as a pair of printed shoes

I just recently had a fashion revelation, as well as by just recently I imply a few days ago. If you throw on a adorable jacket as well as a pair of shoes with a classy print, you can quite much turn any type of standard-issue attire into something quite darned cute.

I’m not sure why this technique works, or what the fashion-based scientific logic is, however it does. Something about the different shapes, lines, structures as well as patterns on what would otherwise be a ho-hum canvas…


Take this white storage tank as well as skinnies…

Super laid-back on their own, yes? however instead of using them with “the usual,” likewise understood as my preferred black Zella hoodie as well as a pair of flip-flops (seriously, many of the time I’m lured to gown like I’m going skateboarding by the beach), I put on this laid-back beige as well as gray zip-up jacket with these adorable cat-print Vans.

The addition of the jacket as well as printed shoes somewhat gowns up the attire however doesn’t make it look excessively dressy. ideal to go to a baseball/basketball game, a picnic or a barbecue.


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

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You may keep in mind these shoes… I got them last year when Vans did their ASPCA collaboration. You’d believe that a pair of shoes covered with cats would only rate of interest a minority of crazy feline ladies, however I get a surprisingly high number of compliments on these shoes, as well as not only in pet stores, LOL!

I believe in the situation of these specific shoes, the feline print works with so numerous different attire since of the preponderance of neutral-colored kitties. The gray, beige, tan as well as black choose practically whatever in my closet.

See exactly how the gray as well as beige in the shoes matches with the beige as well as gray in the jacket?

Ooh, matchy-matchy…but not ridiculously so.

The jacket, by the way, is from loft (big surprise), as well as it’s extremely soft as well as cozy. feels practically like high-end sweatshirt material. I’ve wished to upgrade my laid-back outerwear situation, as well as this achieves that nicely. It chooses denim as well as tees, laid-back dresses, shorts, rompers…and you can even wear it with workout clothes, too. It’s extremely flexible!

And it’s on sale on the internet best now for 60% off with the promotion code FLASH, if you’re interested.

Here’s one more example of the exact same denim as well as tank, however this time around with an large alligator eco-friendly jacket with huge pockets, as well as a pair of leopard-print flats.

This look is likewise très casual, as well as better, I think, for things like sightseeing or brunch in the city. I believe the intensity of the jacket works with well with the brown as well as black shoes.

The jacket’s one more loft gem, by the way, as well as I wear it whenever I want flexibility from my purse. I just stick my wallet, keys, phone as well as gloss into the deep pockets, which snap shut, as well as go on my merry way. It’s likewise roomy sufficient to layer.

As for the shoes, GURL! — believe it or not, however they’re by Dr. Scholl’s, as well as like the feline print Vans, I get compliments on them all the time. people are shocked — SHOCKED — when I state that they’re by Dr. Scholl’s, as well as honestly I can’t blame them. however they’re extremely comfortable as well as feel extremely cushion-y inside, like I’m walking on fluffy clouds… I wear them all the time.


The take-home message is this: if you’re going laid-back for the day with denim as well as a tee, try skipping the sweatshirt or hoodie, as well as add some polish with a adorable jacket as well as a pair of printed shoes instead.

What I’m using in these looks…

Beige/gray jacket — loft Colorblock Varsity jacket (on sale for $49.99 with an additional 60% off with code FLASH)
Alligator eco-friendly jacket— loft Cotton linen Anorak (on sale now on the internet for 40% off)
Tennis shoes — VANS
Leopard-print flats — Dr. Scholls
White storage tank — Tipsy Elves (this fits snug so size up for a looser fit)
Jeans — loft contemporary very skinny denim in Kinetic Blue laundry (on sale now for $39.99 with an extra 60% off with the code FLASH)
Necklace — Anthropologie (an oldie, no longer available)
Eyes — L’Oreal La combination nude 1
Cheeks — BECCA Damselfly Blush
Lips — MAC Matte Lipstick in runway hit (available on the internet starting may 28, as well as in-stores June 11)

Seu viciado de encanto amigável comunitário,


Ringing in the new Year With the Tarte Tartelette in Bloom combination

The Tartelette in Bloom combination ($45)
Good morning, my wonderful, amazing, glorious, wonderful friend, and…

I’m so pleased to be costs one more year with you, as well as this is gonna be a great one, too. Eu posso sentir isso! — as well as no, this time around the feeling isn’t gas, LOL!


There’s a great deal of stuff going on in the world, but… Well, no buts. Há. Life is frightening in some cases as well as complicated, however it’s likewise great.

I desire you health, happiness, fun, laughter, compassion, kindness, sweetness, charm as well as like in 2016. That would make me the happiest woman in the world. may the world bless you with health, happiness as well as love, my friend, since what else is there, really?

Now…we have swatches.


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

OK, seeing as exactly how I quite much used Tarte’s $45 Tartelette In Bloom clay combination for, oh, practically the entire month of December, I figure that it’s most likely time I provide it a quick swatchy-poo.

The 12-pan 2015/16 Tartelette in Bloom combination ($45, restricted edition, offered now)
Yeah, I can’t keep in mind the last time I used the exact same combination for practically an entire month, both since I haven’t been wanting to wear a great deal of eyeshadow lately, as well as likewise since I have a short makeup interest span.

Basically, Tartelette in Bloom is the most recent version of the last Tartelette combination (that one was $44, as well as this year’s is $45), however I believe it’s even better.

Like last year’s, it has 12 neutral powder eyeshadows; includes Tarte’s trademark very ingredient, Amazonian Clay; lasts all the time long on my lids with extremely very little creasing; as well as it’s cruelty totally free (like all of Tarte’s products).

This time around, though, the shadows are richer, much more pigmented, as well as I believe they’re likewise much more interesting.

“Introducing our tartelette 2 in bloom combination – featuring 12 brand new, never-before-seen shades. With 9 mattes as well as 3 lusters, these lid liner as well as crease pairings enable you to produce stunning, smoldering looks without the guesswork.”


Tartelette in Bloom…

I certainly don’t have to layer as much as I finish with the O.G. Tartelette, as well as I believe there’s much more variation among the color temps — like awesome tones, warm tones as well as neutral tones — instead of the original Tartelette, which I feel has an general cooler color temp.

There are likewise a few shimmers in the mix, so it isn’t completely mattes.

From the left: Charmer, Jetsetter, Rocker as well as Smokeshow

I believe it’s a fantastic combination if you occur to be going with a lazy makeup phase like I am since you quite much get whatever in it. So numerous mattes, together with some gorgeous shimmery accent shades to break up the matte-ness.

There are likewise great shades for brow bones, crease colors, lid colors as well as darker shades you can utilize as liners or for smoky eyes.

Flower Child, Smarty Pants, Firecracker as well as Activist
Um…it’s likewise great for travel, by the way. I took it with me on a short trip over the holidays to see my parents as well as then as much as Redding to go to my in-laws, as well as I didn’t want for any type of other shadows the whole time. I just utilized this palette. like the O.G. version, it’s great for hanging with household or just doing chill things where you seriously don’t requirement to be wearing, like, five shadows up in your crease. If you just want to wear one or two shadows on your lids with a bit liner or mascara, it’s beautiful for that.

Funny Girl, Sweetheart, Rebel as well as Leader
You most likely will have to contend with some fallout, though, so don’t fail to remember to tap the excess off your clean first.

On the flip side, the fluffy powders blend smoothly, which implies less time spent blending.


All in all, huge ups for this palette, particularly if you have a medium or darker skin tone. I like it (says the woman who’s been using it practically everyday for the past month!)

Seu viciado de encanto amigável comunitário,


A coleção do por do sol da Aveda Indian: Estes tons de por do sol vão junto bem

OK, assim que vi esta coleção, sabia que seria ideal para o meu amigo Pearl. Ela e eu fomos para a escola de arte juntos e tenho muito tempo porque amei colaborar.

Nós essencialmente façamos fotos e nos esforçamos de nossas zonas de conforto. Ela tem estilo notável, e sua maquiagem é tipicamente apenas mascara e batom (se algum dia). A coleção do por do sol da edição limitada Aveda Indian é ideal para as garotas como ela que normalmente não usam maquiagem mais ousada, mas ainda quer experimentar alguma cor.


Aveda Nourish-Mint Mineral Lip Color em pura cravo $ 17, Nourish-Mint Lip Forro na primavera Rose $ 17, pétala Essência Única cor de olho no deserto argila, néctar de pêssego, brilho lilás, e ametista amanhecer $ 15, pétala essência enfatiza em Tesserae e Damasco sussurro $ 24, Pétala Essência Olho Definidor em Flor Violeta e Mar Ferramba $ 17
A coleção inclui 11 novas tonalidades para olhos e lábios, incluindo quatro sombras – dois roxos e dois tons laranja. Meus favoritos são ametistas amanhecer (um cetim roxo) e argila deserta (uma laranja fosca, terra), que são os tons que eu usava na tampa da pérola e no canto externo, respectivamente.

No tom da pele da Pearl, os tons de terra parecem realmente naturais e melhoram completamente a vibração do girassol-bebê que ela sempre se sai.

Os roxos vibram tão carinhosamente com os tons quentes. Eu coloco néctar de pêssego em seu vinco e brilho lilás em seu canto interno.

Esta coleção é ideal para Gals como Pearl porque as sombras fazem o trabalho para você. Eu chamo sombras como esses slap e go, e os tons do sol só vão juntos tão bem.


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora

Há também dois delineadores na faixa – flor violeta e samambaia marítima – e ambas as tons são lindas. Eu usei o roxo para adicionar um pouco de linha extra do lash da pérola.


Tons de jóias como estes vão lisonjear qualquer um. Porque a Pearl não usa tipicamente maquiagem, o roxo parece mais suave do que preto e fez muito mais para a história de cores muito mais que marrom teria.

O labial é uma sombra versátil que funcionaria sob numerosos batons nus diferentes, mas escolhemos apenas o revestimento. É um nu, o que ainda é ideal para minhas senhoras slap e rush, mas ainda complementa as sombras. O calor dos pares de forro com os tons de terra nos olhos, e a sugestão de rosa joga nos tons macios e violetas, criando um olhar coesivo que não é monótono.

No geral, acho que esta é uma coleção espetacular para a temporada.

Venha comigo na minha caminhada!

Esta caminhada leva cerca de uma hora, e nós vamos cerca de três ou quatro milhas.

Minha hora favorita para ir é cerca de uma hora antes que o sol se põe, porque esse é o tempo de critério, também conhecido como “a melhor época para localizar cervos”, embora as únicas criaturas que vi hoje eram um gato de smoking suportegante e uma codorna muito bonita.


Vamos lá!

A Novato é uma bela cidade ao lado do país do vinho, e há muitas árvores frutíferas e plantas interessantes, como maçãs e pêras e romãs, e às vezes até crescem ao longo da calçada.

Tecnicamente, esses noms deliciosos pertencem a outras pessoas, então ainda não escolhi um … mas estou seriamente tentado a cada vez.

Eu não sei quanto mais eu posso resistir …

Tenho que ficar hidratado …

Atenção! Isso é veneno de carvalho. Há muito disso nesta área …

Você sabe o que eles dizem: “Folhas de três, deixe que seja!”

E essa é a borda da Baía de São Francisco lá à distância …


Eu espero que você tenha se divertido. Obrigado por vir comigo na minha caminhada.

Seu viciado em beleza amigável bairro,


Os lábios matte no verão: eles são do ou não?

que é batom mate mac no tônico tropical em lábios mah, pelo caminho
Lábios foscos no verão: um fazer ou não?

Para mim, eles são todos os bonés! – Mas se você me pedisse há alguns anos, provavelmente teria dito “Não”, porque eu também sou um otário para os clássicos, que para o verão normalmente indica lábios brilhantes, pele orvalhada e – Gah! Todos os Brights!


Meu coração incha com a felicidade da maquiagem quando penso nisso …

Mas agora com tantos batons foscos na cena do lábio, não posso me ajudar. Eu amo a maneira como eles olham pessoalmente e em fotos, especialmente quando uma marca dá ao tratamento fosco às cores clássicas de verão como coral.

Tanto quanto eu estou preocupado, o horário de verão os lábios foscos estão se levantando, mas eu sou muito mais propenso a usar um lábio fosco em uma cor de verão padrão, como um vermelho brilhante ou uma papoula, ou coral, rosa quente ou fúcsia do que uma baga mais escura e mais profunda, ameixa ou vinho. Eu vou salvar esses tons mais escuros para queda.

O que você acha de usar lábios foscos no verão? Eles são do ou não para você?

Seu viciado amigável de apelação de bairro,


Gatos e moletom com maquiagem ??

US $ 42.

Compre agora


P.S. Goooood Morning! O sol está fora, os pássaros estão cantando, e eu tenho vídeos de gatinho em repetição ideal agora.

Eu encontrei um tesouro de vídeos de gatinho na página Foster_Kittens Instagram, e eu posso ou não ter acabado de passar os últimos 10 minutos, aproveitando pequenos gatinhos de gato malhado bocejos, esticar e brincar.

A GAL que dirige a página fomenta gatinhos e em breve para ser mamãe gatos e, em seguida, artigos de fotos e vídeos dos gatinhos à medida que crescem e saem para a adoção.


É TÃO FOFO! Eu não posso nem pegar …

O atual gato de mamãe em residência é Maggie, um apelo meio-siamês que acabou de dar à luz quatro gatinhos encantadores, também conhecidos como “as molets”.

Comece com este vídeo de duas das Ilhas que estão com medo de um dedo (veja como o da esquerda shakes?). Não fique chocado se você imediatamente se derreter em uma pilha quente de Lovey-Dovey Goo.